Cynthia-Laure Etom,
is a Coach, a Speaker, an Innovative Event manager, and a Style/Image enhancer who helps women enptrepreneurs, within the definition of their professional brand. And the enhancement of themselves, by working on their image.

Graduated in communication from the prestigious School of Communication : EFAP, Cynthia-Laure is a Publicist (a Global Communication Specialist and a Image Consultant). She is the chairman and CEO of CLE*UP PUBLICIST Agency since 2011. www.cle-up.com

Since 2016, CLE*UP Publicist Agency starts to focus on Image Consulting. Following a professional experience in the luxury sector, Cynthia-Laure is then aware of the impact of the image and decide to promote selfconfidence and the courage of being ourselves thanks to the image consulting.

Furthermore, Cynthia-Laure ETOM is the Founder and President of WIF FRANCE, the French Federation of Women working In Film, Television and Digital industries. (www.womeninfilmfrance.fr) WIF FRANCE is non for profit Feminist Organisation. A Gender Equality advocate.

In 2016, Cynthia-Laure launched within WIF FRANCE a writers lab : LAB DES AUTEURES INSTITUTE.
LAB DES AUTEURES INSTITUTE is in France the only writers lab dedicated to women screenwriters. Its role is to improve the image of women in both film and television industries. Develop audiovisual projects (Film + Television) which highlights women without stereotypes that is to say : dynamic and modern. Sustain a consideration over women screenwriters in France and Europe and provide a relevant thoughts over this topic. The LAB DES AUTEURES INSTITUTE is also an european competition rewarding the best scripts in different ranges : Cinema, Television, Short and New digital features.

The Lab Des Auteures is an initiative rewarded « Sexisme pas notre genre » by the Ministry of Women’s Right – France.

In 2017, she went to the Fondation Kauffman’s Business Class of New York City. During that period, she developed a Business Community and a Business Market : ” IM NOT A FRAUD ! “, dedicated to Women Leaders living between Paris, London, New-York, Montreal and Toronto.

Cynthia-Laure is a certified speaker, (you can find her profile here A-Speakers and there : Expertes Francophones) over the following topics :

Gender equality, 
Women Empowerment
Feminism, Diversity,
The role of women within the Film, Television and Digital industries,
Women leadership,
Professional and personal image,

While in New-York City, Cynthia-Laure follows a training at the United Nations (UN) on Gender Equality in order to broaden her knowledges over the topic.

You are a company, an organisation ? Based in France or abroad ? You are organizing an event and seeking a conference panelist ?
Let’s make it happen !  Cynthia-Laure is available for speaking engagements worldwide. Tell us a little bit about your event and we will get back to you to see how we can help.

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Cynthia-Laure Etom