‘I’m not a fraud’. Literaly, I’m not an imposter, is a statu quo, a declaration of love to all the person whom like me consider themselves  wrongly, as an impostor. A fraud, likely to be unmasked, at any time.

With I’m not a fraud, I want to show my support to all the person with whom I share this defect of not being able to appropriate my successes. The inability to realize my potential. The fact of minimizing my success, which I attribute most often to a combination of circumstances … Because of this feeling, and this so-called “luck factor”, I am afraid to be unmasked.

In 2018, I realized that this state of mind had a name. It is called the “impostor syndrome”. People with the “impostor syndrome”, also called “autodidact syndrome”, express a form of unhealthy doubt that consists essentially in denying the ownership of any personal accomplishment.

With I’m not a fraud, I share my experience, of an anguished woman torn between the her fears, she went through. I propose to all my fellows impostoers, keys to help them overcome these difficult phases, to take charge and confidence in themselves. To regain their power and give a decisive turn to their lives. I accompany them and invite them to take their rightful place. And to build their dreams, on their own terms.

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