Women Leader. I consider myself as one, only since the 04/04 2017. The date when I decided to leave everything behind, to reset my life and realize my dreams. Now, I shuttled backwards and forwards between Europe and North America, where I make a living out of my passion of Personal Stylist & Speaker. Thanks to my decision, I travel now a lot between New-York City, Montreal, Toronto, London and Paris.

“I’M NOT A FRAUD”, is a statement. It is a declaration a love to of all women, considering themselves as an impostor, as a fraud. Assuming that, one day, everybody will find out. Instead of believing in themselves, in their true potential, they think they owe their sucess to luck.
This phenomena has got a name. It is called the “impostor syndrome”.

With “I’M NOT A FRAUD”, I want to give keys to these women, tools that will help them taking back their confidence and believe in their true potential. I want to help them to take back their power and give an outstanding u turn to their life. My wish is to accompagny them on building their dreams, on their own terms.

Women entrepreneurs,
Business women,
Women employees,

You should be aware of that. You are all WOMEN LEADERS !

Leader of your professional life,
Because, one day you dared
You have created you own business
One day, you said I DON’T CARE
You made your passion your paycheck
One day, you said STOP !
I’M DONE with my employee status

Leader of your personal life,
Because one day, you have decided to live for yourself
To give up everything and be responsible of your own happiness

You feel yourself as the soul of a leader ? You still think you are a fraude ?
You want to give up it all, and start your own business,
But, you think you are not able to do that… You don’t know where to start ?

Because I have been there myself, I perfectly know the feeling. That’s why, I am the perfect person to accompagny you smoothly and at your own pace. Without imposing anything to you. I won’t judge you. I am only here to help you be the best version of yourself. Being in alignment with your internal and external self. You game ?

Welcome to the I’M NOT A FRAUD ! community ! Welcome home !

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